Useful Links

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Croquet NSW
Croquet information and on-line registration of tournaments.
List of NSW players and their handicaps.

Croquet NSW Links
More links via Croquet NSW’s website, to state clubs and international croquet organisations.

Croquet NSW Monthly Newsletter
Find out what is happening in croquet news across the State.

Australian Croquet Association
Find out what is happpening in croquet across Australia.

The World Croquet Federation
Information about Association and Golf Croquet, including history and rules.

UK Croquet
Information about croquet rules, and much more.

Other Croquet equipment links:

PFC Hoop Maker Mallet (AUS)

Croquet Orangewood (AUS)

Star Mallets (AUS)

Wood Mallets (NZ)

Terminator Mallets (NZ)